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目前开设的课程包括:普通汉语、商务汉语、HSK预备班、中国文学、中国电影、国画、书法等,以及各种中国专题讲座。我们有针对性地宣传和推广HSK, YCT 和 BCT,增加考试人数,改进汉语水平辅导班的教学方法,不断提高教学水平。兰开夏中央大学正在推行国际化战略,其“兰大优势”(UCLan Advantage)政策是我们推广汉语的重要契机。“兰大优势”承诺,每个学生都有机会到外国学习。我们与有关部门合作,积极组织学生到中国作短期的游学和长期的实习或进修。




An Introduction to the UCLan Confucius Institute

The UCLan Confucius Institute was co-established in September 2008 by the University of Central Lancashire and its Chinese partner institution – Beijing International Studies University. Being in operation for five years, we have been successful in teaching Chinese courses, delivering cultural events, running HSK exams and local teacher training sessions, and organizing educational visits to China. We have established our reputation as a provider of Chinese language and culture in the local community. More and more local authorities and schools are contacting us for cultural events and language classes.

The courses that we teach now include Chinese as a Combined Honours subject, BA (Hons) Business Management in China, HSK preparatory lessons, Chinese Literature, Chinese Films, Taijiquan, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, plus China Lecture Series. We offer quality HSK, YCT and BCT service to all applicants. As part of its strategy of internationalization, the UCLan has created a whole package of UCLan Advantage, which we see as a good opportunity to promote Chinese. UCLan Advantage gives every student an opportunity to study and/or work abroad as part of their degrees. We work closely with relevant divisions/schools/departments, promoting Elective Chinese Modules and our weekly workshops on understanding contemporary China, and enriching the experience of UCLan students by organizing short and intensive study tours to China, summer courses, 3-month work placements and year-long study placements in different parts of China.

In addition to the China Days at local schools, we ensure the successes of Spring Festival Celebrations, Chinese Kite Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, UN Chinese Language Day, Chinese Speech Competitions, Headteachers’ Visits to China, Chinese Summer Schools, etc. so that more people may have some experience of Chinese culture. We organize and/or host various performing and lecture tours. We further our cooperation with local governments, museums, archives, and galleries, and hold regular exhibitions of different categories so as to integrate our promotion of Chinese culture into the life of local people.

We believe that the University of Central Lancashire and Beijing International Studies University enjoy an extensive prospect of cooperation in the areas where Chinese geography (both natural and human geography) and tourism can be promoted, taught, and explored both in practical terms and in academic terms. We use Chinese geography and tourism as a starting-point to effectively introduce China -- its lands, natural resources, and humanistic heritages to a larger public in the UK. We also facilitate the academic exchanges of the two universities, conducting collaborative research on geography and tourism for shared intellectual accomplishments.